Water sampling guide for the field (Engineers Without Borders)

A booklet for Engineers Without Borders members to take into the field that helps them perform correct water quality assessments (german).

Company: Ingenieure Ohne Grenzen e. V.

Time: 11/2016

Role: Writer

Technologies: LaTeX Python

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Since 2014 I volunteer for Engineers without Borders (EWB) and train young engineers in microbiology and water sampling.

The existing booklet on water sampling needed to be rewritten from scratch due to copyright issues and a redesign of the training. I did a literature research on water chemistry and sampling and wrote many of the chapters in this booklet. The booklet is designed to be written into and captures crucial points needed for an EWB member to work in the field.

The booklet was written entirely in LaTeX. A GitLab CI job compiles the source and uploads the PDF to a website for easy access.