Forum for biology students

To improve networking among biology students, I started a small forum called 'deer on the run'.

Time: 10/2004-2006

Role: Designer, Developer

Technologies: phpBB HTML CSS

When I started studying biology in 2004, social media services such as facebook and studiVZ were non-existent. I noticed the lack of communication among students of my classes and decided to start a forum (you’d call it a social network today) for biology students. While intended for students from all of Germany, it mainly attracted members from TU Darmstadt.

The admittedly weird name “deer on the run” ( was kind of a spontaneous shower thought. The site was developed on top of phpBB, a forum software, customized with HTML and CSS. I also printed stickers and invited student representatives from other universities to contribute in order to gain more users.

At its main peak of activity, it had around 200 registered members and several thousand threads. However, with the rise of more generic social media sites, especially the german studiVZ, contributions quickly died down and I decided to close it in 2006.